Check out your posture during National Chiropractic Care Week, May 24 to 30

This year’s National Chiropractic Care Week theme asks: Which posture are you? Chiropractors at Victoria Park Chiropractic Clinic will be using the month of May to help patients, old and new, review their posture and identify the posture profile that most matches theirs.

Are you a multi-tasking mum, office worker, active retiree or even an active kid?

Each of these common lifestyles brings with them a range of potentially punishing postures, such as slouching, hunching or twisting, which can take their toll on your spine.

In fact, up to 90 per cent of people have poor posture, which puts extra pressure on the spine and can lead to tension, soreness, headaches, back pain and fatigue. The good news is that many postural issues can be corrected and sometimes even reversed.

Use National Chiropractic Care Week (May 24 to 30) as a prompt to get in tune with your body and make an appointment for a posture assessment, advice and exercises to help you make the most of your posture.

You can also visit the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia’s new website – – for the low down on common postural problems, including self assessment tools and information on how chiropractic care works to help people maintain a health spine for a healthier life.