Support your back as you jump into 2014

Support your back as you jump into 2014

Now that the traditional indulgence over Christmas and New Year has come to an end, many of you may be considering jumping into a new fitness regime to get back in shape. But before taking up a new gym membership or getting on the running track just yet, it is important to remember the basics of good spinal health. Otherwise, you may be putting yourself at risk of injury.

And that’s not how you want to start 2014.

To help our patients start the year on the right foot, we’ve released a new Healthy Spine Checklist that allows you to assess the health of your spine and identify any possible problems areas. For example, if any of the following points sound like you, your spine may need a helping hand to guide it back into shape.

Are you? . . .

  • Having difficulty turning your head so that your chin makes it to your shoulder
  • Struggling to bend down so your hands drop below your knees when your legs are straight
  • Experiencing stiffness in your body and joints when waking up in the morning
  • Feeling sore or stiff during walking
  • Having difficulty putting socks and/or shoes on whilst standing

Remember: Your overall level of fitness can be affected by the health of your spine. Getting the basics right first – such as employing a correct posture, walking upright, having good nutrition – will give you the best chance of improving your health in 2014.

Happy New Year 2014!

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year 2014. We hope that you had a wonderful Christmas, spent quality time with loved ones, counted many blessings and had time to relax as well. The New Year is often a time for reflection on the past and planning for the future. As you reflect and plan think of your ‘To Be’ list as well as your ‘To Do’ list.


Wishing you all a very happy & blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with health & vitality.

The Clinic will be closed Wednesday 25th, Thursday 26th, Saturday 28th of December and Wednesday 1st January. Otherwise we will be open as usual and look forward to caring for you!

Merry Christmas!

Stress Busting Tips


  • REMEMBER TO BREATHE PROPERLY. Just because you are breathing, doesn’t mean you are doing it well. Deep breathing allows for the vital exchange of gases like oxygen, as well as relaxation of muscles.
  • WATCH YOUR POSTURE. Someone that is stressed or depressed will almost always have poor posture. Simply by changing your posture can change the levels of your stress. Whether sitting, standing or lying, imagine your spine is being gently stretched and lengthened.
  • REGULAR EXERCISE. There is plenty of research now that shows people who exercise regularly experience less stress – try to take a 30 minute walk daily.
  • HAVE A PURPOSE FOR YOUR LIFE. Too often we get caught up in the “stuff” of day-to-day living, instead of focusing of what is really important.
  • NURTURE YOUR PHYSICAL BEING. Eat wholesome foods, get plenty of rest and keep your body balanced with regular chiropractic adjustments.






The International Bone and Joint Decade initiated World Spine Day in 2000 to alert the public globally about the serious impact of spinal disability on individuals and health care systems and to promote better spinal health habits.

Each year World Spine Day is observed to encourage spinal health by providing information on good spinal health habits.

This year, the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) is reminding Australians about the important role that keeping active can play in maintaining your spinal health by using the Just Start Walking and Straighten Up Australia programs.

Just Start Walking Australia is a wellness initiative from the CAA designed to prompt people around  Australia to, quite simply,  just start walking.

Getting motivated to walk is as easy as 1-2-3:

1.  Visit for tips on how to get the most out of your walking and to search for local walking events in your community.

2.  Download the free mobile app to track your walks.  It will even help you to set reminders to introduce regular walking into your lifestyle:

3.  Join Facebook for regular tips to keep you  motivated, hear great walking stories from members of our Just Start Walking community or share your own!

Straighten Up Australia is a community service initiative which incorporates an easy and enjoyable everyday program to promote the importance of good spinal health. It consists of a set of simple exercises taking just three minutes to complete. The program aims to improve posture, stabilise core muscles groups, enhance health and prevent spinal disability.

Go to or your chiropractor for more information.


SALA 2013

Once again we are excited to be a venue for this years SALA festival.

We will be showcasing many and varied pieces of artwork created by final year students from Adelaide Central School of Art.

Sales of their artwork will assist in raising funds for their graduating catalogue.

Farewell Dr Paije Cox

After many successful years here at VPCC, Dr Paije Cox is moving on and has purchased her own practise. We appreciate the care and compassion Paije has shown to everyone she has come in contact with and wish her well. Paije’s last day is Friday 19th July. Dr’s Danielle Guilmette and Tania Kent will be continuing the same high level of care demonstrated by Paije.


This year’s key message for Spinal Health Week is Let’s Get Back to Our Best by improving postural fitness. Chiropractors often get asked how to sit right at the computer desk. The Chiropractors Association of Australia has developed a widget you can download to remind you when to take a break from sitting. Go to

The following are some general tips for the work environment:

  • Try standing when you’re on the phone for extended periods
  • Take regular stretch breaks during meetings
  • while you’re working at your computer, take short breaks to stretch and stand
  • check and adjust your posture regularly

An active spine is a healthy spine and a healthy spine leads to a healthier life. Why not use Spinal Health Week to make an appointment with our clinic to assess your postural fitness and discuss how being more active will improve your wellbeing?


Road closures due to the CLIPSAL 500 start to take effect from 13th February 2013 .

The roads affected are:

  • Wakefield St and Dequetteville Tce – to be closed to through traffic.
  • Fullarton Rd – reduced to single lanes north and south.
  • NO RIGHT TURN from Fullarton Rd onto Watson Ave or Alexandra Ave. Right turn permitted at Grant Ave.

The clinic will remain unaffected and parking will still be available on Watson Ave and under the building (accessed from Fullarton Rd).



Wishing everybody a very happy & blessed Christmas and a healthy 2013.

Clinic hours:

Tuesday 25th December 2012 – closed

Wednesday 26th December 2012 – closed

Tuesday 1st January 2013 – closed